Quick Bio

Raised in New England by Vikings, I lived in Texas amongst cowboys before settling in California with my fellow weirdos. I like eating cake, playing video games and occasionally drawing things.

Meanwhile, on the internets...

2 Broke Girls

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Matthew Moy, the actor who portrays Han on 2 Broke Girls, commissioned an illustration of the cast. He had prints made, framed them and gave them as holiday gifts to the cast and writers. From what I hear, this caused him to 'win Christmas' which pleases me to no end. WINNING.

What wasn't a win? My scanner broke so I had to take a picture of the final illustration with my phone. Oh well! It came out okay for something taken with my iPhone.

Project Details

CLIENT : Matthew Moy
DATE : Winter 2013
TAGS : Illustration