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Raised in New England by Vikings, I lived in Texas amongst cowboys before settling in California with my fellow weirdos. I like eating cake, playing video games and occasionally drawing things.

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So, this is admittedly weird. An 'about' page makes sense when a person is big and famous with a huge fanbase. Writing a bio when I know only a handful of people will ever read it (especially knowing that that handful consists mostly of family and friends who know me better than anything I could ever write about myself) seems indulgent and vain. Lucky for the stranger who has stumbled across this, I am an indulgent and vain person! Welcome to my bio! This is the place where I tell you all about myself and answer questions you never even thought to ask. YOU ARE WELCOME.

About Sketch Cards
How did you get into sketch cards?
As is the case for most things in life, it was knowing the right people. Internet-art friends of mine were already sketch card artists and when their art director wanted to add some artists to his roster, they floated my name to him. I sent him some samples of my work and BAM. I was asked to be on the Lord of the Rings Masterpieces II card set.

Will you recommend me?
I sure won't! That is, not unless I already know you. However, if I already know you, you are probably already a sketch card artist (and most likely way better than me I BOW AT YOUR FEET OMG).

So how do I become a sketch card artist then?
Most card companies have a submission link on their website. It's also useful to follow them on Facebook and Twitter -- sometimes they announce when they are looking for new artists.

What do you use to make your cards?
I sketch with mechanical pencils before inking with Copic Multiliner pens. I use 0.1 for the main lines, 0.05 for eyelashes and hair details and 0.3 for text and signature. For color, I use Copic sketch markers, a little Prismacolor pencils and (sometimes) translucent sparkle paint and gold leaf.

What's your process?
Usually I go through and write a note on each card of what I plan to draw before sketching it out. I have a bit of an assembly line approach to sketch cards -- I don't do a card from start to finish before moving onto the next one. First, I sketch all the cards. Then I ink all the cards. Then I color the cards in phases: first I will color all the skin, then all the hair, then all the eyes before I go into each card and finish coloring the details.

What do you do when you mess up?
There is no messing up! Well, I've messed up plenty but what I mean is that there is no starting over. As a sketch card artist, you are not given extra cards. So when you make a mistake, you either figure out how to hide it or you don't get paid for that card.

About Calarts, animation and other art stuff
I heard you went to CalArts. Any tips on getting accepted?
I was only at CalArts for a hot second; I was a character animation student during the 2004/05 school year and half of the following one before I ran out of money. And I didn't get into the program outright! Initially, I was wait-listed before being called up to the majors a few months later. Since this was a decade ago, the admission requirements probably have changed so your best bet is to contact the Admissions department directly with your questions. However, I did write some tips as they related to my experience and a few of them might still be useful. You can read them here.

Do you still animate?
No, not really. However, I recently picked up an animation desk and put together an easy pencil test set up so I am getting back into it. I am rusty! I'm only doing this for my own enjoyment but I have a lot of ideas for short films so who knows! Maybe I will end up making something awesome to submit to festivals.

Okay, you don't really animate anymore but you do make art. Do you accept private commissions?
Eeeeeehn. For the most part, the answer is no. I'm pretty chill so I like to spend my downtime playing video games, watching movies and working on my own projects. But never say never! If there is something you are interested in having me do, send me a note. It never hurts to ask!

About Me
What's your favorite color?
Green. I prefer green that leans more in the direction of yellow than blue, like a nice spring or apple green. Orange is also pretty awesome -- poor, neglected orange. Why aren't more people a fan? Some folks would guess that my favorite color is pink because I have pink everything (pink shoes, pink jacket, pink iPhone case, etc) but they would be WRONG. However, while it isn't my favorite color, it is the color I find most amusing. It doesn't exist in the spectrum and I find that hilariously ridiculous. Oh pink, you silly non-color you!

Did Han shoot first?
Of course he shot first. That you even felt the need to ask that is insulting.