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Raised in New England by Vikings, I lived in Texas amongst cowboys before settling in California with my fellow weirdos. I like eating cake, playing video games and occasionally drawing things.

Meanwhile, on the internets...

Adventures in Auto-Correct

You think you typed 'Animal Kingdom' but, boy, are you wrong!

My mom finally gave up her centuries old flip phone and got an iPhone in the fall of 2013. After some initial trepidation, she took to it with gusto! Sending pictures! Texting texts! However, she didn't notice that auto-correct was there to help her along. And by 'help her along', I really mean 'traumatize her children for ever and ever'.

She sent a picture of my dad to my brother. When he asked where they were, she tried to tell him that they had been at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Yeah.

I changed the recipient of the text to me (I'm drawing it! It's my comic!) and there was a lot more laughter than horrified screams. When I pointed out her error, my mom just giggled because that's how this family rolls.

Project Details

DATE : December 2013
TAGS : Mini-comic