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Raised in New England by Vikings, I lived in Texas amongst cowboys before settling in California with my fellow weirdos. I like eating cake, playing video games and occasionally drawing things.

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Iced Tea & Crumpets

A little girl follows a snowflake and discovers magic in the woods

This is my first year student film at CalArts. At the time I attended the school, every student was responsible for making a 90 second film; it could have music but no dialogue (because we hadn't learned how to do that yet). I am happy with the story I came up with but I rushed the animation to get the project done. Also, I originally intended for the reveal not to be a sneeze but a dance with the snowmen with the spinning turn causing the snow to come off her. Maybe someday I will go back and do this short correctly but...

..probably not.

Project Details

DATE : May 2005
MUSIC : Jeux D'enfants - Cirque Du Soleil - Alegria
TAGS : Animation